When you try to restore the tablespace, then its show following error because current control file does not have information of the tablespace. So, you need to first restore the old control file.

RMAN-20202: tablespace not found in the recovery catalog

We have two option to restore table space which is dropped:

1. Recover point in time recovery upto drop command fire.
2. Clone database at new location and transfer table from that database by export or import utility

We are following first method to restore tablespace:

  1. Before Using point in time recovery to restore tablespace ,First I create Tablespace…

Hy,Im supuni! Welcome to my first blog!

Here I discuss about what is oracle basic architecture.

Mainly, there are two main components of Oracle database — instance and database itself. An instance consists of some memory structures and the background processes, whereas a database refers to the disk resource.

Figure 1. Two main components of Oracle database

What is Instance?

Database files themselves are useless without the memory structures and processes to interact with the database. Oracle defines the term instance as the memory structure and the background processes used to access data from a database. The memory structures and background processes contitute an instance. The memory structure…

Supuni Saradha

Undergraduate at University of Moratuwa,Faculty of Information Technology.

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